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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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Lovely Professional University,Punjab
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13460 :: Tej Bir Kaur

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1 Dessler, G. Varkkey (2009), 11th edition, Human Resource Management, Pearson Education

2 Ivancevich, J.M. Human Resource Management, Tata Mcgraw Hill 3 Rao, P.S (2008) Essentials Of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relation, Text and Cases, Himalaya Publishers. 4 Jyothi.P, Venkatesh.D.N,Human Resuorce management,oxford publishers

Other Reading
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Jouranls atricles as compulsary readings (specific articles, Complete reference) 5 Employee involvement: Key to success in change management, HRM Review- The ICFAI University ,July 2009,Pg 46 6 Ethical Leader behavior and leader-member exchange as a predictor of subordinate behavior, Vikalpa, Oct-Dec 2008, pg 33 7 Identification of training and development needs, IJTD, Vol XXXVII No. 1, Jan.- Mar, 2008 8 MondayMorning Blues to Monday morning blaze, Human Capital, Voulme-12, No-4, Page 30 HRM Review 9 Employee Empowerment Strategy, July 2009, Pg57 HRM Review

10 Knowledge Management, Oct 2009, Pg 38 HRM Review
11 360 degree performance appraisal, Dec 2009, Pg58 HRM Review 12 Pre-employment Tests help you hire the Best, April,2009, Pg 9 HRM Review 13 Redefining HR, June 2009, Pg 49 HRM review
14 Wheelchair Mentors, March 2009, Pg 9 HRM Review
15 Identification of training and development needs, IJTD, Vol XXXVII No. 1, Jan.- Mar, 2008


Approved for Spring Session 2010-11


16 Employee Induction and Orientation, HRM Review - The ICFAI University, July 2009, pg 14 17 Strategy of staffing: Employee Branding and Persons Organization Fit, The Indian Journal of Industrial Relation, Vol. 44 no. 1 July 2008, pg 35 18 Employee Downsizing, HRM Review - The ICFAI University, December 2009, pg 42 19 How to manage your negotiating team, Harvard Business Review, Sept. 2009, pg 89 20 Golden handshake: the need of hour, HRM Review , The ICFAI University, Feb 2009, pg 26 21 The changing trends of HRM, HRM Review - The ICFAI University, March 2009, pg 12 22 managing human resources in a liberalized economy,Yojana,june 2010 ,pg 8 23 Finding good people is the challenge, The Human factor, may 16-jun 15, 2010, pg 16 24 All that Glitters is not Gold, The Human Factor, February 2010,pg 62 25 How to keep your top talent,Harvard Business Reveiw, May 2010, pg 45 26 the coming battle over executive pay,HBR,September 2009,pg 81 Relevant Websites

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Evaluating HR – Managing Strategies and Retaining Professionals index=1&did=1777454521&SrchMode=5&Fmt=6&retrieveGro
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