Week Five Individual Assignment

Topics: Ethics, Web search engine, Human resource management Pages: 4 (1186 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Week Five Individual Assignment
University of Phoenix
TECH/401 Human Factors in Technology
January 10, 2012

Companies now more than ever are able to utilize technology to be able to one ensure that the company’s values and ethics are readily available to their employees and two technologies provide tools for managers to enforce company policies in relation to ethics. Companies use tools such as Microsoft Share point as well as an internal Intranet for posting its values and ethics making them easy to find as well as tools for understanding them. By doing so the company can then ensure that there isn't really any excuse that can be used for not being aware of the ethics and therefore create a zero tolerance for ethical violations by its employees. Technology provides several tools for managers to be able to monitor their employees use of internet; since many companies are opening up the use of the internet at work finding value in allowing their employees to use the internet especially social media while at work have to ensure that the usage is within the compliance of the companies values. Some of these tools range from having each employee sign a user agreement during the initial hiring process making it clear up front what type of usage is appropriate and spelling out what are clear violations of the usage policy. IT departments today are able to put into place system that will monitor and alert them to a user that may have either intentionally or unintentionally have ended up at a web site that would contain content that violates the companies ethical standards. When this happens typically the companies monitoring software will warn the individual that this site is not approved for use at work as well as send a message to their manager letting them know there has been a website accessed that isn't appropriate. This then gives the manager the opportunity to talk with the employee and establish if the site is truly inappropriate at work or if the user...
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