Human Recourse

Topics: Employment, Recruitment, Labour economics Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Chapter 7
Definition of Recruitment:
Recruitment includes those practices and activities carried out by the organization with the primary purpose of identifying and attracting potential employees. There is always a need for replacement employees and those with new skills that businesses growth or change make necessary. Recruitment is also an area in which there are important social and legal implications, but perhaps most important is the significant part played lives of individual men and women by their personal experience of Recruitment and the failure to be recruited. Internal recruitment:

Vacancies, of course, are often filled internally, creating what are referred to as ' internal labor market'. Sometimes organizations advertise all vacancies publicly as a matter of course and consider internal candidates along with anyone from outside the organization who applies. However, many organizations prefer to invite applications from internal candidate before they look to external labor markets for new staff. Advantages for the employer,

1- Less expansive with no need for job advertisement or recruitment agencies instead a massage can be simply be placed in a company newsletter or posted on its intranet or staff noticeboards. 2- Even if they have to work some notice in their current positions, they are often able to take on sum of their new responsibilities or undergo relevant training at the same time. 3- Internal candidate are more knowledgeable than new starters coming in from other organization. 4- They are also more familiar with the organization's culture, rules and geography, and so take this time to settle into their new jobs and begin working at full capacity. 5- Giving preference to internal recruits, particularly for promotion, has the great advantage of providing existing employees with an incentive to work hard, demonstrate their commitment and stay with the organization when they might otherwise consider looking for...
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