Employee Retention Strategies

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 Every organization invests time and money to groom a new joinee, train his employee’s & make ready material competent with the existing employees. All organizations aim to serve the needs of the people. All organizations are not only run by employees, but also it is the employees in it at various levels who bring success to the organization in these modern times.

Hence retention of the employees within the system is necessary. The organization is completely at loss when the employees leave their job once they are fully trained. Thus recruitment of qualified employees, training and maintaining them becomes important. Employee turnover reduces the organizational productivity and also incurring the costs of acquiring the same for replacement and developing them. Employee retention techniques go a long way in motivating the employees for them to enjoy their work and avoid changing jobs frequently.

The modern management literature advocates many strategies for employee retention from various dimensions such as organizational factors, compensation, rewards, job design and characteristics, work environment, employee relationship, etc.

Hence this paper attempts to present a few of the important employee retention strategies. Keywords: Employee retention, employee turnover, Indian management


Employee Retention

Employee Retention refers to the strategy employed by the management to help the employees stay with the organization for a longer period of time. Employee retention strategies go a long way in motivating the employees so that they stick to the organization for the maximum time and contribute effectively. Sincere efforts must be taken to ensure growth and learning for the employees in their current assignments and for them to enjoy their work.

Employee retention has become a major concern for corporate in the current scenario. Individuals once being trained have a tendency to move to other organizations for better prospects. Lucrative salary, comfortable timings, better ambience, growth prospects are some of the factors which prompt an employee to look for a change. Whenever a talented employee expresses his willingness to move on, it is the responsibility of the management and the human resource team to intervene immediately and find out the exact reasons leading to the decision.

Need & Importance of Employee Retention
▪ Hiring is not an easy process: The HR Professional shortlists few individuals from a large pool of talent, conducts preliminary interviews and eventually forwards it to the respective line managers who further grill them to judge whether they are fit for the organization or not. Recruiting the right candidate is a time consuming process. ▪ An organization invests time and money in grooming an individual and makes him ready to work and understand the corporate culture: A new joinee is completely raw and the management really has to work hard to train him for his overall development. It is a complete wastage of time and money when an individual leaves an organization all of a sudden. ▪ When an individual resigns from his present organization, it is more likely that he would join the competitors: In such cases, employees tend to take all the strategies, policies from the current organization to the new one. Individuals take all the important data, information and statistics to their new organization and in some cases even leak the secrets of the previous organization. To avoid such cases, it is essential that the new joinee is made to sign a document which stops him from passing on any information even if he leaves the organization. ▪ The employees working for a longer period of time are more familiar with the company’s policies, guidelines and thus they adjust better: They perform better than individuals who change jobs...
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