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P1 - Identify how two organisations plan recruitment using internal and external sources?

In this assignment i will be explaining the internal and external recruitment methods of 2 organisations (Tesco and JD Sports). I think the internal and external recruitment methods are very basic. Internal recruitment

This means that the person recruiting from the job will be taken from the organisation. In Tesco it will give current employee to get a promotion because it will be cheaper to advertise and all the candidates know the organisation well.

External recruitment
For external recruitment, Tesco advertises via the Tesco website or though vacancy board in stores, applications are made online for managerial positions. The chosen applicants have an interview followed by attendance at an assessment centre for the final stage of the selection process. People interested in store-based jobs with Tesco can approach stores with their CV or register though jobcentre plus the store prepares a waiting list of people applying in this way and calls them if there are jobs available .

Second organisation is JDSPORTS

Internal recruitment

Organisations like JDSPORTS will sometimes decide to advertise a vacancy internally first if nobody meets the job description there will advertise it on the web, in stores you will have to hand your CV to the manager and JDSPORT hands out questionnaires to people there think will meet the job role .

External recruitment
The external recruitment and campaign increase the popularity the organisation on the job market, which helps to improve the position for further expansion. On the other hand the external recruitment is expensive and takes a lot of energy from the HRM function to handle all job candidates in the selection process.
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