Human Nature Essay

Topics: Corporation, Foreign corporation, Jean-Jacques Rousseau Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Ben Jacobs
Modern world history
Period 5
Human nature essay
March 5th, 2011
Human Nature Essay
Humans over many years have proven that they are 3 things: nastiness, selfishness and the incapability of caring for themselves. That’s what bring me too my statement that based on personal, current, and historical examples humans, by nature, are nasty, selfish, dependent organisms. Argument number 1 is that humans are naturally nasty. Everything we do as people as bad reaction somewhere else. It’s like Newton’s third law of motion: everything has an equal and opposite reaction. Every day we make decisions that have both reactions, and there is no way we can avoid this happening. So no matter what we do, we always affect something in a negative. A prime example is Adolf Hitler: he killed thousands of Jews for personal gain and religious intolerance. Given most people aren’t as nasty he was, but most people have done something where they don’t consider the consequences for other person; which leads right in to my next topic. Selfishness is a factor in everyday life. People can’t go around without and make decisions without it turning out bad somewhere else in the world. If every student chose to do this essay you took away from your free time on Monday night, also taking away time you could have spent with your family. Even as simple as it may sound stupid but, people’s decisions always have a negative impact somewhere else. Let's take the American corporation for instance. The corporations use the money to fund politicians, who then fight for corporate rights (money being used), and as a result corporations gain more and more power. The corporations are always working for profit so they are selfish and since they do eventually gain more power, which is an example of selfishness. The corporations have lobbied to pass laws restricting fair business for foreign companies. For example, there are laws that add tax to foreign corporations that sell a product at a...
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