Human Capital Management

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  • Published : May 4, 2013
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Vaanii O. Baker
Phase 1 Individual Project 1
Global Human Capital Management
HRMT620-1302A-01 Augustine Kange
Colorado Technical University
April 22, 2013

 In our previous report we outlined some of the Human Capital Issues faced by Organization X and mentioned that these issues required further analysis and review. We determined that one of the issues that were critical to the success of the company is the issue of different cultures that exist within this global company. The cultural issue has had a significant negative impact on employee morale and is now translating into poor performance of the company as a whole. Employees perceive the company as not being interested in understanding their culture and therefore does not respect their cultural practices and norms. This dissatisfaction has translated into employees not showing up to work on time and in some cases absenteeism has become a real problem. When employees do come to work they are not happy being at work so their productivity level has decreased significantly. We have taken a closer look at this issue and will offer some initial recommendations to remedy this problem. Process

 The first step in this process is to conduct an organization diagnostics to determine the extent of the issue in the organization. This diagnostic will take place on three different levels. The first will be at the organizational level. This will give us an indication of the leadership style, existing culture, and the structure of the organization. The second aspect of the diagnostic will be at the group level and this will give us a feel for the relationships between departments. It will let us know if there is a communications problem existing in the organization and whether there is a subculture prevalent in the organization. The last level of diagnostics will be at the individual level. This will give us a picture of the acceptance of diversity in the organization, equal and fair treatment...
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