Hrm Practice in Monno Ceramic Industries in Bangladesh

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Performance appraisal Pages: 32 (8174 words) Published: April 19, 2013

Fakhrul Islam Parvez
Department of Mgt Studies
Jagannath University, Dhaka

1.1 Introduction of the study
The study of this paper focuses on how the HRM is practiced in Monno Group of Industries. This company is one of the leading organizations in the country in producing ceramic products. Here I tried to make an observation on its HRM practice so that it enriches my theoretical knowledge on HRM with practical views and processes involve in Human resource management.

Business is such an arena where there are very few similarities or sometimes contradictions between theories and practices. And Human Resource Management is the most crucial part of a business. Management, particularly Human Resource management, in real life is not that easy like the theories. The purpose of this report is to find out the actual picture in the growing business organizations of Bangladesh.

1.2 Background of the study

This report is originated as the course requirement of the MBA program under the Department of Business Administration Eastern University. Under this program students of every department of this faculty must go through an internship program of 3-month duration. As practical orientation is an integral part of the MBA degree requirement.

1.3 Origin of the Report
It is a pleasure for getting the opportunity to accomplish the internship in Monno Group of Industries Ltd. at Islampur, Dhamrai, Dhaka-1350, Bangladesh. This research is a partial requirement of MBA Internship Program in the ESTERN University and has been prepared after three month of the organizational attachment in Monno Group of Industries Ltd.

1.4 Importance of the study
Human resource management involves all management decisions and practices that directly affect or influence people or human resources, who work for the organization. In recent years increased attention has been devoted to how organizations manage human resource. This increased of attention comes from the realizations that an organization’s employees enable organizations to achieve its goals, and the management of this human resource is critical to an organization’s success. The presence of human in business is not a new invention but identifying them as a resource in more formal way has been made in recent years. The history of HRM can be characterized as moving through four broad phases as craft system, scientific management system, the human resource relation approach, and the current organizational science such as human resource approach.

1.5 Objective of the study

Core objective
The core objective of this report is to illustrate the present practice of the HRM in Monno Group of Industries.

Specific objectives
a) To have a clear view about what is actually happening in the area of HRM o the selected business organization. b) To collect information and insight about the HRM function of the organization. c) To experience different HR practices those are being followed by Monno Group of Industries. d) To relate the theoretical knowledge with the practices.

e) To have an analysis on the HR & Training department of Monno Group of Industries. f) Identify existing issues of HR practices and process or lack of process that will facilitate or hinder the proper practices of HRM.

1.6 Scope of the study

This report is sort of case study, which means it is the illustration of the real scenario of the selected organization. So the scope of this report is limited. The first scope of this report is to have practical experience about how a research is done in the business organizations. The report has the scope to cover different aspects of HRM, which includes HR practices like recruitment, selection, and staffing procedures, selection devices, job analysis, job design, training & management development and compensation and benefit administration.

1.7 Methodology of the study

This report has been prepared based on both primary and secondary...
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