Walmart Hrm Strategies

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The report is based on how the theory and research on Human Resource Management (HRM) influence Wal-Mart stores’ operations. Human Resource management entails management of an organization’s employees. The report covers issues in HRM that Wal-Mart undertakes that should be emulated by other organizations for their success. The critical areas for business success covered by the report include:- Human Resource Planning, HRM and the Law, Job analysis, job design and quality of work, recruiting human resources, employee selection, and human resource development. As a company, Wal-Mart is in the business of selling anything that a customer wish to have in everyday life. Wal- Mart is therefore expected to manage its human resource diligently. The report therefore makes in depth analysis of its operations in terms of management of HRM and how it is entangled with its success Charles (2010).

Aim and scope of the report:

According to Adler (1991), there exist several issues in human resource management that brings positive benefit to an organization if well emulated. Wal-Mart’s daily operations involve various HRM concepts ranging from Human Resource planning, HRM and the Law, Job analysis job design and quality of work, recruiting human resources, employee selection, and human resource development Aron (1999). The report is to cover HRM departments of the Wal-Mart company and is aimed at discussing management issues of HRM at the Company and how they positively influence the daily operations of the organization. The discoveries are scheduled to take a period of two weeks.

Body of the report

Information collected was on human resource management issues which included and not limited to Human Resource planning, HRM and the Law, Job analysis job design and quality of work, recruiting human resources, employee selection, and human resource development. The research used structured questionnaires. The questionnaires were administered using a drop and pick method. The population included all employees of various departments in Wal-Mart. The sample consisted of 25 employees chosen using stratified random sampling. The response rate was high as 20 employees. Thus the response rate was 80% while the department that did not respond was 20%. The data from this report was analyzed using MS Excel. After which Tables, pie charts and bar graphs were generated.

Being a case study, quantitative and content analysis were used in this report. Content analysis is any technique for making inferences by systematically and objectively identifying specified characteristics of messages. Fully filled and completed questionnaires formed the basis of quantitative analysis. The data collected was edited for completeness and accuracy to ensure that maximum data quality standard is achieved. After editing and coding, the data was entered, explored and analyzed using the descriptive statistics tool of Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) to generate the percentages. Data was presented through tables, graphs and charts.


The success of Wal-Mart stores is based on good management of the Human Resources. Charles (2010). There is a range of issues that make Wal-Mart to predominantly prosper in all its endeavors. Employee advancement, training, recruiting college students and development are some of the major activities that Wal-Mart has involved itself in. a five year program of compensating its employees was a factor that really contributed to motivation of all the employees in all sections and different regions of operation. 0.65 of the entire management at Wal-Mart work on hourly jobs for instance the cashiers; this is a reasonable phenomenon on employee advancement program. Employee promotion at Wal-Mart is manageable; this has worked well with all the employees of Wal-Mart, making the company to be voted as the most admired and preferred by many employees in the US.

On the part of training,...
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