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Topics: Human resource management, Management, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 4 (1187 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Human Resource Management’s Leadership Development Programs and the Effects on Employee morale: An Annotated Bibliography Allen, D. G., Bryant, P. C., & Vardaman, J. M. (2010). Retaining Talent: Replacing Misconceptions with Evidence-Based Strategies. Academy Of Management Perspectives, 24(2), 48-64. doi:10.5465/AMP.2010.51827775

The authors of this article give the misconceptions of employee turnover by systematically breaking down myths that organizations tend to believe cause employees to leave the workplace. The misconceptions are replaced with evidence based strategies that show the underlying factors beyond pay compensation that drive turnover in addition the employee morale. One of the meta-analytical relationships that affect the rate of employee’s turnover includes leadership and relationships in the workplace. Another area that impacts an employee’s loyalty and turnover is the job satisfaction; however, human resource management can influence turnover through socialization of new entering employees and providing training and development opportunities that increase the desire for employees to stay with the organization. Overall, this article provides evidence based strategies that unquestionably impact employee morale and hence employee turnover. Cascio, W. F. (2012). Be a Ringmaster of Risk. HR Magazine, 57(4), 38-43. Retrieved from Cascio’s compares human resource management to the human capital risks involved in conducting business. Three types of human capital risk that will be highlighted in this research are: Strategic, Behavioral, and Skills Gaps. Strategic human capital risks that are believed to have a negative impact on the leadership development because these risks often seen as poor configuration of Human Resource strategies combined with corporate strategies. Behavioral human risk impact many facets of employee morale such as human actions and tendencies that undermine change and loyalty....
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