Managing People in a Changing World

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Human Resource Services
PwC Saratoga

Managing people in
a changing world
Key trends in human capital
a global perspective – 2010

We have approached this fourth biennial series of reports
with the same rigour as in previous studies – interrogating our PwC Saratoga database and macroeconomic indicators
for people-related trends that might just provide our clients with the kind of insight they need to re-engineer their people strategy and, ultimately, stay ahead of the competition.

PwC Saratoga is the most extensive
HR measurement and benchmarking
database available. Our advisers work
with business leaders to evaluate the
contribution people make to an
organisation’s profitability.
We use a range of quantitative and
qualitative tools to identify the impact
of people on efficiency, to identify risk
and to evidence best practice and
innovation across an organisation.
To identify performance against
peers, we benchmark data drawn
from an organisation against the
market – potentially by department,
industry and country.
Our service enables business
leaders to evidence the effectiveness
of business functions, including the
performance of people and the HR
function. We can help to identify
the impact of programmes such
as engagement and skills training,
on organisational performance,
over time.

At the beginning of the
second decade of the
new millennium, many
organisations find
themselves trying to steer
a course in a destabilised
world. Globalisation is
having an effect on our operating models
like never before.

In support of our clients, we’ve
analysed the metrics, gained from
PricewaterhouseCoopers Saratoga
measurement and benchmarking
database, containing data from over
10,000 organisations in 40 countries.
We have also compared these insights
with major macroeconomic indicators from
organisations such as UNESCO.

The downturn experienced in many
industries and economies has
highlighted various market and
management imperfections. In this
new environment some of the people
management practices of the past are
not fit for purpose.

In the following articles, we explore how
organisations responded to the global
downturn, the progress of globalisation,
how organisations are leading, developing
and engaging their people and we discuss
the influence the public is having on the
people agenda. After considering the
evidence, we’ve also made some
suggestions to help proactive
organisations stay ahead. I trust this
report will help you do just that.

In my work with clients, I’ve discovered an
appetite for insight. Away from gloomy
headlines, business leaders are looking for
trends and evidence to support decisions
for the future.

Richard Phelps
Leader, Human Resource Management

In this report
Managing people in a changing world considers the impacts people are having on organisations. We compare the relative performance of the workforce globally, discuss the maturity of emerging economies and examine what this means for the rest of the world. In further articles, we discuss some of the issues employers are tackling in developing and engaging their people in order to compete. And finally, we tackle an emerging trend – the increasing scrutiny and influence of society on the people agenda.

Our next report
Due for release in early 2011, our next report considers the impact of the HR function on organisations. The HR profession has been striving for improved efficiency, service standards, insight and influence in the organisation. Based on evidence, we consider how HR has contributed to business success, draw on some positive examples for others to follow and make recommendations for the future.

2 Human Resource Services


For the record: how did business leaders react
to the economic downturn?



The world just got a whole lot
more competitive
Return on investment
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