Justification for an Internal Control System

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  • Published : October 28, 2010
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Justification for an Internal Control System
Ginger Lankford
Internal Control Systems
Robert J. Cornett, MBA
October 4, 2010

Justification for an Internal Control System
Businesses need an efficient and cost-effective internal control system even with insurance and a portfolio approach control in place. Insurance is necessary and the portfolio approach is very effective but is more reactive than preventive. Internal control sets the foundation to ascertain reasonable assurance that company objectives are met. The internal control function is to achieve the following objectives: ♦ Operational effectiveness and efficiency

♦ Revelant and reliable financial data
♦ Verify law and regulation compliance

An integrated internal control system in all the levels of a company will assist management to plan, organize, direct, and control daily business operations and give direction when problems or events occur. Recording transactions, verifying accurate values of the transactions, reconciling and recording transactions timely, and the final summary for posting are important to reduce fraud and asset loss in a company. An internal control system does not provide complete assurance against losses but can provide reasonable assurance by the development of programs to reduce opportunities to commit fraud. The following components are essential to maximize the effectiveness of the internal control system: ♦ Control environment

♦ Risk assessment
♦ Control activities
♦ Information and communication
♦ Monitoring

Management and top executives of companies that have a leadership style of high levels of integrity and ethical standards promotes internal control and assigns authoritative responsibilities to qualified employees. Risk assessment and analysis promotes awareness of issues by identifying internal and external risk factors and increases achievement of company...
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