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Final Project: HR Strategic Plan

Key Characteristics of Current Human Resources:
The current Human Resource Department consists of a manager or director, an assistant manager, four specialists, two generalists, two administrative assistants, and five office associates. Each of the four specialists are in charge of one human resource function: Employment and Recruitment, Employee Benefits and Compensation, Employee Training and Development, and Employee Relations, There are two generalists who service all four functions, the two administrative assistants provide support to the mangers, specialists, and generalists; they also supervise the four office assistants. The manager has a master’s degree in Human Resource Management and 15 years experience in employment, recruitments, benefits, training and employment relations. The assistant manager has a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Administration and will complete the master’s degree within six months and has experience in heath care administration. The specialists each have a bachelor’s Degree in human Resource management and certification in their field from the human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). They have at least 8 years of experience. The generalists either have a bachelor’s degree in human resources. The administrative assistants and office associates are attending college part time. In total, there are 15 employees in human Resource Department. Human Resource Needs for Proposal:

I want to establish a new department: a specialist in labor relations. No staff member will be replaced. I would prefer to hive a person with specific qualifications and training that generalists do not have. Even if a hospital is now non-union, the employees may vote for a union in the future. The union is

a third party, along with members and the organization, that works to obtain better salaries, benefits, and working conditions. The specialist in labor relations duties will include communicating the organization’s commitment to obey all federal, state and city employment laws about equal treatment for all employees.

New Job Description: Job Title: Specialist in Labor Relations Department: Human Resources Reports To: Manger, Human Resources Job Summary: The person enforces all federal, state, and city employment laws.

Duties and Responsibilities:
* Directs the preparation and distribution of written and verbal informant to inform employees of equal opportunity laws.

* Assists in preparing and updating employee handbook.

* Ensures polices and produces are enforced fairly.

* Communications information about new laws affecting discriminatory practices in the workplace.

* Develops affirmative active plans.

* Identifies the organization’s mission and vision.

* Counsels, advises supervisors on employee rights law.

* Encourages an organizational culture that supports equal employment opportunity.

* Evaluates potential discriminatory practices.

* Obtains assistance in enforcing equal opportunity laws.

* Plans sensitivity training programs.

* Identifies and uses various resolution techniques to resolve conflicts.

* Provides specified knowledge of employee discipline and non-retention policies.

* Supports specialist in employee relations on common employee issues.

* Performs additional assignments directed by manager.

Job Specifications:
* Specialized knowledge/skills: General knowledge of policies and practices of human resource management: recruitment, retention, compensation, training, and employee relations.

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

* Education/Experience: A...
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