Professional Roles and Values

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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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NVT Task 724.7.3-01-08
Wendy Scimeme
Western Governors University
NVT Task 724.7.3-01-08
A. Promoting Interdisciplinary Care
When nurses promote collaborative interdisciplinary care, they are ensuring the availability and accessibility of quality health care (ANA, 2010). As the nursing supervisor in this clinical setting, I would hold a staff meeting with the family nurse practitioner (FNP), nurse, licensed vocational nurse (LVN), nutritionist, and social worker. I would ask them to speak about their areas of expertise and explain how their knowledge will enhance this clinical team. The nutritionist’s expertise in diet, the social worker’s fluency in Spanish, the LVN’s training in education, and the nurse’s specialization in community health are all attributes that will promote the delivery of quality patient care. In this meeting, I give examples of how the specialized training and resources of these individuals will improve patient care and ease the workload of other staff members. I foster an open discussion and encourage thoughts, feelings, and questions. I also state that if someone has a question or concern that they do not wish to discuss in front of everyone, they can speak to me in private. B. Delegation and Teamwork

As the nurse supervisor, I would use a coaching approach to speak to Ms. W. Coaching provides a safe environment for trying different approaches to new or challenging situations (Robinson-Walker, Detmer, and Schultz, 2011). I would request to have lunch with Ms. W and at this lunch, I begin by praising her work and emphasizing her importance to this clinic. In a light-hearted and non-confrontational way, I say, “I know how hard you have been working with Ms. R and you must be so frustrated!” I encourage a response by asking, “Why do you think she is being non-compliant?” I listen to her responses without interrupting and work into the conversation these questions: “Do you think it’s possible she does not understand English? What do...
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