Professional Roles and Values

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Professional Roles Running head: Professional Roles and Values


Professional Roles and Values Jennifer Kelso, RN Western Governor’s University

Professional Roles


Professional Roles and Values The nurse supervisor has the responsibility of coaching all of her staff members in the importance of utilizing her team members to provide the most holistic care for patients. As a nurse supervisor it is important to recognize when a team member is struggling with this concept and to provide the proper leadership and mentoring so that the most best possible patient outcomes can be consistently realized. The nurse supervisor must provider leadership and confidence to try to guide her staff in utilizing available resources to achieve the goal of optimal patient care and outcomes. Promoting Interdisciplinary Care To promote interdisciplinary care the nurse supervisor must find a way to engage her staff in the concepts of team building and how to utilize each member of the healthcare team and the unique contributions that they bring to patient care. One effective way that I have experienced this personally is with team building exercises. In the clinic where I work as a registered nurse we have weekly team building exercises. These exercises provide a regular opportunity to further get to know one’s co-workers outside of the daily rigors of patient care. At my current job I have participated in races, games and scavenger hunts, among other activities. These activities bring an element of fun and stress relief to what might otherwise be another mundane meeting, while at the same time promoting team cohesiveness and friendship. I would recommend that the nurse supervisor provide time in the weekly or monthly schedule for her healthcare teams to meet together to discuss and participate in team building exercises. Setting aside time for all of the staff in the clinic to meet come together and engage in team building activities will help improve cohesion of the staff, improve communication and help to build comradery.

Professional Roles Another technique that the nurse supervisor can use to promote the advantages of interdisciplinary care is to discuss with and demonstrate to her staff how team based healthcare achieves better patient outcomes. The nurse supervisor can present case studies during team meetings and ask staff to problem solve how different members of the team can be utilized to address the patients’ needs. These types of exercises can be used to remind staff of the resources that are available to them in the clinic. All the members of the team, from the nutritionist to the


social worker, bring their talents and strengths to the table. Being able to help staff recognize the value in utilizing their fellow team members and to appreciate what those team members offer in the way of enhancing patient care is vitally important. Another approach to try in engaging Ms. W in interdislipnary care is to spend some time mentoring her. The nurse supervisor can set aside time dedicated to coaching Ms. W regarding the benefits of a team-based approach to patient care and how to implement this concept in her own practice. Some of the benefits of interdisciplinary care include improved patient health outcomes and overall patient satisfaction in the quality of the healthcare received (Mitchell, Hall & Gaines, 2012). One way she could mentor Ms. W is to shadow her in some of her appointments and provide support and guidance to her as she learns how to utilize the resources available at the clinic. The nurse supervisor could also involve Ms. W’s colleagues by having her shadow another provider and observe a few appointments where the provider utilizes the other team members and to provide concrete examples of how this practice benefits the patient. It is important that the nurse supervisor address these issues with Ms. W in a caring and supportive fashion with the intention of improving the quality of healthcare and...
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