Delegation Case Study

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  • Published : October 26, 2012
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Delegation case study
Lisa Smith
Western Governors University

Delegation case study
Diverse Workplace
The FNP in this case is very frustrated with the care of this patient. This should have been his/her first indication to him/herself that assistance was needed. The nursing supervisor is there to oversee the care of all patients and is a valuable asset to the FNP and other staff. Upon recognizing the difficulties with this patient, the nursing supervisor should offer her assistance to the FNP. Reminding the FNP of all the resources available to him/her inside and outside the clinic should help alleviate some of her worries and distress. A team approach to care is always best. Appropriate Delegation

The FNP and nursing supervisor should discuss and come to an agreement as to the needs of the patient. The supervisor should then use “The Five Rights of Delegation”(NCSBN, 2006, para. 2) to decide which staff members are best suited to assist with the care. These rights are “Right task, Right circumstances, Right person, Right directions and communication, Right supervision and evaluation.”(NCSBN, 2006, para. 2) Making the right choices of whom to delegate to will provide the best outcome of care to this patient. Specific Principles

“The RN acknowledges that there is a relational aspect to delegation and that communication is culturally appropriate and the person receiving the communication is treated respectfully.”(NCSBN, 2006, para. 8) The nurse supervisor should assess the patient and review her history. Upon doing so, he/she may realize that there could be a language barrier with this patient. She may be able to speak a little English, but not fluently and may understand it even less. That could explain her noncompliance with her care. An interpreter should be consulted or a cyraphone may be used. Some institutions have these telephone language line assisted devices. Using...
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