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iMy holiday experience
Can you believe what happened during my holiday???
Well, my family and I went on the MSC Sinfonia ship cruise with some of my sister’s boyfriend’s family. On Saturday everyone met at the Durban harbour to board the ship, we boarded the ship at 11am and they gave us lunch as soon as we were all settled in. The food was lovely. After lunch we went back to our cabins and they had an emergency drill, it was so much fun but a little scary at the same time, I loved the thrill. After the drill my mum n my sisters and I went to the deck of the ship to swim in the pool, at 5pm we went back to our cabins to bath and change in to our evening formal clothes. We went to the restaurant for supper. After supper we went to watch a show in the sinfonia lounge, after the show everyone went their separate ways. So my sisters went with their boyfriends my mum had gone with all the adults so I went exploring. I started at deck of the ship going down and as you could have guessed I got lost. I was so scared I was on the 6th floor and there was no one in sight. The 6th floor was the biggest floor on the ship, so I couldn’t even find the stairs. I began to hear weird and strange noises, I was about to cry and just then something puts its hand on my shoulder and I start to scream, and as I turned around I saw my sisters boyfriends cousin Ashish and Nickeel standing there and laughing. I was so relieved to see them but at the same time throw them over board for scaring me like that. I told them how I got lost and what I was doing there on my own, they then took me back to the deck were everyone was and didn’t leave me to wonder of alone again.
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