National Holidays

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  • Published : July 26, 2011
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National Holidays
Our society in the US today is one that enjoys traditions and celebrations. We are able to see this due to the crazy amount of holidays we have, ranging from important to foolish. Even though the majority of citizens put emphasis on a select few, there are some holidays that should be taken more seriously and maybe some that shouldn’t. Although we have an abundance of holidays/celebrations in this country, I still think there is room for a couple more. I believe that a National family background day and a National swimming day should be two holidays added on to the list. Both of these proposed holidays could and should be extremely imperative to the United States of America. I think that National family background day would be enjoyed by a lot of people in the US, but it would also teach them something too. It would be on the first of September annually. During this holiday, people would celebrate and respect their nationality. If some of the citizens didn’t know much or anything at all about their family heritage, then they would use this day to learn and discover the history of their family and their name. Each family/person would spend the rest of the day performing the customs of their family heritage. I think this would be good for everyone in the society because it would teach people about customs/cultures and a little about their own personal history. It’s not a mandatory holiday by any means, but it would be strongly encouraged to the people to do at least once in their life. I believe that one of the most important things in life is knowing where you came from. It is important to me because I really am not too sure on my family’s background and heritage and it’s something I would like to find out in the near future.
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