A Memorable Holiday

Topics: Fireworks, Pickup truck, Neighbourhood Pages: 3 (1028 words) Published: October 16, 2011
What would you do if there was a violent car crash in front of you? What if someone was drowning or being attacked? Would you risk your safety or well-being for others? While at a block party last Fourth of July, a dangerous accident made me realize how brave I could be.

I live on a cul-de-sac with a roommate, Chris. Chris and I were invited, by our neighbors, to a block party this past Fourth of July. They were going to have plenty of food, drinks, fireworks, and games for kids and adults alike. We could not resist a good time. I invited my girlfriend over and we all walked down to the festivities. We could smell the barbecue as soon as we stepped out of the house. They had a game called Cornhole set up on one of the front lawns. My girlfriend, Samantha, pointed out that some of the kids were in the pool out behind the houses in the adjoining backyards.

The three of us made our way over to Greg’s house, the neighbor hosting the party. We introduced ourselves to the neighbors that we did not know so well. Mike, from down the street, was our favorite. Mike tends to be loud but is very entertaining. Mike and Greg’s wives, I cannot recall their names, were there tending to the food and children. John, a police officer from the next street over, also came with his wife and children. They bore more gifts of alcohol and fireworks. Soon, half our street, and a few from around the neighborhood, were all packed in our little cul-de-sac.

Everyone took turns eating and playing Cornhole. We enjoyed some cold beer while the kids played with Jenny, our dog, and Gilda, the neighborhood cat. As the sun began to set, Mike and John started to set off the fireworks. We were all very relaxed in our lawn chairs while the kids ran around with sparklers and poppers. Everyone was having fun, or talking about what was going on in their lives. John had brought some police-issued flares to keep cars off the street and light the fireworks. Mike would walk back and forth between the...
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