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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Marcus is designing a plan for a new preschool. List and define the three domains. Give one example of how a preschool program would address each domain as part of its day-to-day operations that he can submit to his school board for final approval.

List the periods of human development. For at least three of the periods, give an example of a cognitive, a psychosocial, and a physical event during the period that helps to define the particular period of development.

Define inherited influences and environmental influences on development. What are the differences between inherited influences and environmental influences? List and give examples of the effects of certain environmental influences on an individual’s development.

The Murrays are a family of six. All of the children have certain similarities, but they are also quite different in many ways, even though they all grew up together in the same house. Explain why this is the case and give two specific examples of the role of genetics on development within this family unit. Identify the impact of nonshared environmental effects on the members of the family by explaining the effects of birth order, gender, parental influences, and sibling influences on the development of the children in the family.

Jeb and Monica are planning to have their first baby. Although Monica is not yet pregnant, the couple has contacted the doctor to discuss the kinds of things that they should consider in order to give their baby the best possible start.

Please list two specific issues that these prospective parents should discuss with the doctor. List three specific prenatal influences that affect infant development during pregnancy, and identify three techniques that doctors can employ to assess a fetus’s health and well-being.

Jonathan and his wife Marta are having their second child. Marta still has nightmares about the delivery of their first child in the hospital, so they are...
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