Kangxi and Louis Xiv

Topics: Mesopotamia, Han Dynasty, Minoan civilization Pages: 164 (42846 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Chapter 1 Stone Age Societies and the Earliest Civilizations of the Near East 1) The earliest prehuman species thus far discovered is called A) Homo sapiens. B) Australopithecus. C) Homo habilis. D) Neanderthal man.

E) Homo erectus. Answer: B
Page Ref: 4
2) The first use of fire is attributed to A) Homo habilis.
B) Cro-Magnon man. C) Neanderthal man. D) Australopithecus.
E) Homo erectus. Answer: E
Page Ref: 4
3) Neanderthal man lived primarily in A) North America.
B) Europe. C) Arabia D) Java.
E) China. Answer: B
Page Ref: 5
4) All of the following are true of Neanderthal man EXCEPT A) they were able hunters. B) they were well suited for colder climates. C) they wore clothes. D) they were the same height as modern man. E) they invented tools. Answer: D

Page Ref: 5
5) Which of the following do present-day humans most closely resemble? A) Cro-Magnon man B) Homo erectus C) Homo habilis D) Australopithecus
E) Neanderthal man
Answer: A
Page Ref: 6
16) Humankind has created patterns of behavior and learning termed A) religion. B) culture. C) clans. D) civilization.
E) language. Answer: B
Page Ref: 6
7) ʺPaleolithic cultureʺ refers to A) the use of iron.
B) the development of bronze tools. C) the use of stone tools. D) the use of agriculture. E) none of the above. Answer: C
Page Ref: 6
8) The terms ʺutilization,ʺ ʺfashioning,ʺ and ʺstandardizationʺ describe stages of the A) human invention of tools. B) growth of agriculture. C) evolution of the human brain. D) creation of an empire. E) development of specialization of labor. Answer: A

Page Ref: 6-7
9) The earliest-known works of art are paintings on A) the walls of caves. B) woven fabrics. C) animal skins. D) burial artifacts.
E) bark. Answer: A
Page Ref: 7
10) The transition of human beings from a food-gathering to a food-producing economy occurred during the ________ Age. A) Iron B) Bronze
C) Paleolithic D) Neolithic
E) Mesolithic
Answer: D
Page Ref: 7
11) The Fertile Crescent is an area located A) on the Arabian peninsula. B) from the Nile River to the Tigris River and beyond to the Persian Gulf. C) along the Upper Nile. D) south through Egypt to Nubia. E) along the Mediterranean Sea. Answer: B

Page Ref: 7
12) The best-preserved village of the Neolithic Age has been found in modern-day A) Turkey.B) Persia.C) China.D) Egypt. Answer: A
Page Ref: 7
13) Womenʹs responsibilities during the Neolithic Period included A) gathering food B) weaving textiles. C) cultivating fields. D) spinning flax and wool. E) all of the above. Answer: E
Page Ref: 8
14) The most basic and universal unit of human social relationships is the A) clan.B) tribe.C) totem.D) family. Answer: D
Page Ref: 8
15) Examples of totemism exist today A) in fraternal groups. B) in sports organizations. C) in military insignia. D) in school mascots. E) all of the above. Answer: E
Page Ref: 8
16) In preliterate societies, justice meant A) maintaining equilibrium within the group. B) adhering to the dictates of the tribal chief. C) following moral commandments. D) never requiring the death of a society member. E) all of the above.

Answer: A
Page Ref: 8
E) India.
E) village.
17) A form of primitive religion that regarded all objects in nature as inhabited by ʺspiritsʺ is called A) polythesim. B) science.
C) black magic. D) monotheism.
E) animism. Answer: E
Page Ref: 8
18) Primitive religion utilized magic A) rarely.
B) only through female members of the clan. C) to obtain favors from the spirits. D) to threaten opposition. E) to govern. Answer: C
Page Ref: 9
19) Science during the Stone Age A) involved little more than use of magic B) involved the construction of astronomical structures. C) was nonexistent. D) was concerned only with the afterlife. E) none of the above. Answer: B

Page Ref: 10
20) All of the following apply to the development of human civilization EXCEPT A) tool making. B) hunting and gathering. C) political systems. D) specialization of...
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