Hill Cipher

Topics: Encryption, Cryptography, Cipher Pages: 4 (806 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Enhancing Security using Cryptography with Matrices
P.Sai Tejesh
VIT University
Ph. No: 7502935512
Abstract :
Cryptography is the study of encoding and decoding secret messages. In the information age, cryptography has become one of the major methods for protection in all applications like cloud computing, mobile security. It allows people to do business electronically without worries of deceit and deception. When people started doing business online and needed to transfer funds electronically, the applications of cryptography for integrity began to surpass its use for secrecy .The constant increase of information transmitted electronically has lead to an increased reliance on cryptography and authentication. An obvious application of cryptography is the transformation of information to prevent other from observing its meaning. Secure communication is the most straightforward use of cryptography. Two people may communicate securely by encrypting the messages sent between them. The paper presents modifications of the Hill cipher generating dynamic encryption key matrix

Index Terms—Hill cipher, Matrix encryption, Permutation matrix


The Hill cipher (HC) algorithm [1] is one of the famous and known symmetric algorithms in the field of cryptography. HC is computationally attractive as using multiplication of a key matrix. HC has several advantages such as masquerading letter frequencies of the plaintext and high throughput [2, 3]. . Despite the ease and speed of the HC, the original HC is no longer used due to the vulnerability against known plaintext-cipher text attack [3]. Recent research and development efforts have been done to improve the security of HC. HC modification [4], HCM-PT, uses a dynamic key matrix obtained by random permutations of rows and columns from the master key matrix and transfers an HC-encrypted permutation to the receiving side. Thus, in HCM-PT, each plaintext vector...
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