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SMS encryption using Diife-Hellman

May 4, 2012

1.1 Background

Nowadays mobile phone communications (phone calls) are used mostly by everyone due to the GSM technology. In mobile phones there are several services a person can use to communicate other than making a phone call such as; SMS, MMS, contact registry and cameras. The most commonly used service after phone calls is the SMS that most of us find it easier even faster to share or to communicate with one another. An SMS (short message service) is a text messaging service component in mobile phones that is offered by operators. Several companies presently are using SMS as a business tool/strategy in running their business. High authorities such as government organizations also make use of SMS technology. However, SMS technology is venerable to intruders or attackers whom threats the security of sensitive data transmitted through. In this paper we will show SMS security threats and the proposed solution to overcome such threats, by encrypting SMS messages using Diffie-Hellman. Telecommunication companies, E-marketers and banks are using SMS to run their business like; offering wallpapers, songs, mobile banking, hotel packages, etc... When the user subscribes to such services and interacts with them it will benefits those companies. In addition to that, banks and government departments uses SMS to provide their services in a convenient way. On the other hand there is a serious issue in SMS security because of several attacks that took place in the transmission medium. It is a great technology to use but it lacks security when sending our personal or sensitive information. That is because in GSM network the transmission channel is not secured allows intruders to intercept and keep record of any message passing through. In addition, telecommunication companies do not provide security service. Besides, there is no mandatory requirement for SMS system implantation which means confidentiality and integrity techniques are not implemented in mobile phone communication. The risk will occurs when it comes to bank transactions made by SMS and high authorities (government) contacts.


SMS encryption using Diife-Hellman 

Message disclosure: is a technique of intercepting messages developed by intruders

May 4, 2012

that allows them to keep record of sent and received messages. They create a log of these messages and upload them to a remote server for future reference/ usage. A program called (FlexiSpy) is an example of message disclosure. Several studies are been conducted to avoid such intruders to benefit from messages sent daily through these unsecured transmission channels. The implementation of cryptography algorithms into mobile phones will circumvent those intruders. RSA is the first algorithm used to encrypt messages in today applications. RSA cipher algorithm is an example of cryptography mechanism that is been used on Symbian platform (Nokia phones) allowing the message to be encrypted before sending it.



In GSM network the process of sending a SMS is as follow. A message will be sent through SMS-center which is responsible for forwarding and storing the message. Then it connects to GMSC (gateway mobile switching center) that finds MSC (mobile switching center) receiver and send the message to it. After that its send to a specific base station that locates a mobile station (receiver-end) the message can be stored either in the SIM (subscriber identity module) or in the phone memory card. During this transmission messages are not secured and vulnerable to any kind of attack. As mentioned earlier, no encryption mechanism is set by default, during the transmission provided by the service providers. There are only cyclic

redundancy check to prevent message corruption and forward error protection. This will lead to confidentiality and integrity absences that are currently not provided by the operators. Despite the...
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