What is Steganography?

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  • Published : March 10, 2012
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A Genetic algorithm based crypt-steganography technique for message hiding in JPEG images
Aleem Ali*, Sherin Zafarb, Reshmi Philip
a)M.Tech Scholar, Jamia Hamdard(Hamdard University), Hamdard Nager, N.D-110062 b) F/O Engg, University Polytechnic, JMI, New Delhi-110025
Email: aleem08software@gmail.com, sherin_zafar84@yahoo.com, reshmiphilip@gmail.com

Running Head: A Genetic algorithm based crypt-steganography technique for message hiding in JPEG images

*To whom correspondence should be addressed

Aleem Ali

M.Tech Scholar, Jamia Hamdard(Hamdard University), Hamdard Nager, N.D-110062

Genetic algorithm based method of message hiding employs the features of both Cryptography and Steganography to provide high level protection of secret information .The developed system generates the CRC of the message to be hidden, compresses it to achieve faster speed of transmission and asks for a JPEG image which acts as a carrier of the message. The compressed message is then embedded into JPEG image by P01 algorithm using a secret key at the sending end, hence generating a crypt-stego JPEG image. At the receiving end, the compressed message is extracted from crypt-stego using the same secret key which was used for embedding. The use of cryptography along with genetic algorithm makes the proposed “Crypt-Stegnography” technique more secure and maintains privacy and secrecy of the message. Genetic algorithm maintains appropriate peak signal to noise ratio of JPEG images which results in lesser probability of detection of secret message. The use of P01 technique ensures high embedding capacity. The experiments carried out through the developed system proves higher embedding capacity and maintains secrecy of data.


Crypt-Steganography ,Compression -Decompression, CRC Generation and verification,P01,GA.


As an important component of multimedia information security information hiding has received wide attention in recent years. It includes digital watermark for digital rights management and steganography for secret communication. The former aims at copyright declaration and the later means hiding communication content in secret channel to resist detection [29]. The steganography tools available in internet nowadays are numerous. Most of them are based on the so-call LSB (least-significant-bit substitution) method. This class of steganography is a persistent research hot spot because of its high embedding capacity, variability and simplicity [30]. It is based on the insensibility of human perception to images low bit plane [31]. It can further categorize as either single pixel substitution or block-based substitution. The block-based method has a better image character conserving property comparing to single pixel substitution due to its blocking strategy[32][33][34]. The following formula provides a very generic description of the pieces of the steganographic process: cover_medium + hidden_data + stego_key = stego_mediumNote: In this context, the cover_medium is the file in which we will hide the hidden_data, which may also be encrypted using the stego_key. The resultant file is the stego_medium (which will, of course. be the same type of file as the cover_medium). The cover_medium (and, thus, the stego_medium) are typically image or audio files[19].The aim of our project is to develop “Crypt –Steganography” that uses cryptography along with genetic algorithm that makes our system more secure and maintains privacy and secrecy of the message.

Crypt steganography

“Crypt-Stegnography” is significantly more sophisticated than allowing a user to hide large amounts of information within image and audio files. This form of steganography is used in conjunction with cryptography so that the information is doubly protected; first it is encrypted and then hidden so that an adversary has to first find the information and then decrypt it. Crypt-Stegnography can be...
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