Lab #3

Topics: Cryptography, Encryption, Cipher Pages: 3 (517 words) Published: April 24, 2013
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Relate Windows Encryption and Hashing to Confidentiality and Integrity

This lab demonstrated how hashing tools can be used to ensure message and file transfer integrity and how encryption can be used to maximize confidentiality. Common hashing and encryption tools, including MD5, SHA1, and GnuPG, were used. You used GnuPG to generate both a public and private key and a secret key for encryption only.

Lab Assessment Questions & Answers
1. If you and another person want to encrypt messages, should you provide that person with your public

Relate Windows Encryption and Hashing to Confidentiality and Integrity

key, private key, or both?
The public key is the only one required in order to conduct encrypted messages.

2. What does GPG allow you to do once it is installed?
GPG is used to encrypt hard drives and their content as a security measure.

3. Name two different types of encryption supported by GPG for your key. The two types of encryption supported by GPG are MD5 and Sha1 which serve as hashing encryptions.


LAB #7 | Relate Windows Encryption and Hashing to Confidentiality and Integrity 4. What happens when you sign and trust a new key to your keychain?

When signing and trusting a new key to the keychain, a new key with with both

private and public access is created.

5. If a user sends you his/her public key, will he/she be able to decrypt your encrypted messages once you

import and sign his/her key?

In order to decrypt and encrypt messages, both people have to have eachother's

private keys.

6. What are the similarities between an MD5 hash and a fingerprint?

The similarity is that they both leave a fingerprint leading back to the source data.

7. How would you encrypt a Web server and the pages it serves up?

To encrypt a server, you would need to redirect all the incoming web traffic to SSL, this would make it so that anything...
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