Unit 7 Assignment 2: Design an Encryption Strategy

Topics: Cryptography, Advanced Encryption Standard, Data Encryption Standard Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Match common encryption algorithms and methods with the scenarios representing real-world business applications and requirements.

Common encryption algorithms and methods:
▪ Data Encryption Standard (DES) 2
▪ Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman (RSA) encryption algorithm 4 ▪ Triple DES
▪ Diffie-Hellman key exchange 5
▪ International Data Encryption Algorithm (IDEA) 3
▪ El Gamal encryption algorithm
▪ Carlisle Adams and Stafford Taveres (CAST) algorithm ▪ Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC)
▪ Blowfish
▪ Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
▪ Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 1
▪ Digital signature

1. Shovels and Shingles is a small construction company consisting of 12 computers that have Internet access. The company's biggest concern is that a wily competitor will send e-mail messages pretending to be from Shovels and Shingles in order to get confidential information. Select an encryption solution that best prevents a competitor from receiving confidential information and justify the recommendation. 2. Top Ads is a small advertising company consisting of 12 computers that have Internet access. All employees communicate using smartphones. Top Ads' primary concern is protecting the data on the smartphones. Select an encryption solution that best protects the smartphones and justify the recommendation. 3. NetSecIT is a multinational IT services company consisting of 120,000 computers that have Internet access and 45,000 servers. All employees communicate using smartphones and e-mail. Many employees work from home and travel extensively. NetSecIT would like to implement an asymmetric general-purpose encryption technology that is very difficult to break and has a compact design so that there is not a lot of overhead. Select an encryption solution that best meets the company's needs and justify the recommendation. 4. Backordered Parts is a defense contractor that builds communications...
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