Topics: Pregnancy, Sexual intercourse, Birth control Pages: 5 (1893 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Terkisha Loyd
Mrs. Groome
ENC 1101 25M
1 November 2012
Prevent Teen Pregnancy
In today’s society, teens around the world are unaware of the consequences of sex because they do not have a clear understanding of it. Parents should talk to their teens without scaring them away and schools can provide birth control, condoms, and abstinence groups to help teens understand the types of protection and cover what some parents do not know how to answer. This will help teens understand how to use condoms and birth control when engaging in sexual activity and the abstinence groups will teach teens to not have sex of any kind before marriage. Those who are teen mothers already know the struggle to raise a baby in high school and can use some advice on how to stay safe during sexual activities. If parents and schools do not speak to teens about sex, protection, or abstinence, more unprepared teens will become pregnant. Parents with teens should have a talk with them about sex. When talking to teens, parents should let them know about their values on sex and why they feel that way. Some parents believe that people should fall in love and get married before having sex. Many parents have a hard time explaining their values about sex; the key is to show no bias on the subject and show understanding to their teen’s thoughts on sex too. Teens are already scared to talk to their parents, especially about a topic like sex. That’s why some teens go to friends or the internet about sex and get the wrong information then make the wrong choice. Parents should remember to talk with their teen and not at them because most teens do not listen if they feel that they are not being heard. Parents should not say one thing about sex, only to do the opposite. Teens do not like the idea of their parents telling them one thing about sex, only to end up doing something different. That will show teens they can do it too. Most teens figure if their parents tell them not to have sex before they are married, but know that their parents had sex before marriage that will cause teens to have sex before they are married. Parents who do not know how to talk to their teen should have the option of the school covering subjects on sex. School should have a responsibility to talk to their students about sex, consequences, and contraceptives. Schools that give students contraceptives like birth control and condoms will help prevent teen pregnancies and STD's. Most parents do not know how to talk to their teen on some subjects about sex; this will give the chance for the staff at the schools to show what they know. According to Grace Chen, “Approximately 46% of Americans believe both abstinence and contraception should be taught in school.” If more schools had the option of giving out contraception and providing abstinence groups, many parents would stand behind the idea. In the Editorial: Student Health: Access to Condoms in Schools, they state that “Jun. 14--The Philadelphia School District has an uneven policy for distributing free condoms to kids in high school. The condom program is available in 11 high schools, but not at 49 other high schools. If the program works for some schools, it should be universal.” Having programs that give out free condoms or even free birth control would prevent a lot of unwanted pregnancies among teens. The good thing about the program is that it can be funded by the government and stay free for students. Teens think that everyone their age is having sex, but that is not true. Most of them are lying about it to make themselves fit in with those who are sexually active. Paul Weyrich states; “Most teens 13-16 years old have not engaged in sexual intercourse. Many are concerned about the adverse consequences, which include pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, even their parents' reactions.” Teens who know the consequences are less likely to have sex than those who choose to ignore them and end up pregnant or with an STD. Among...
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