Teen Preganancy

Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Adolescence, Pregnancy Pages: 4 (1540 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Teen Pregnancy
“Teen pregnancy is commonly defined as a pregnancy by a woman who has not reached the age of majority in her country” (Qtd. in Reid 828).Sub-Saharan Africa is the country that has the highest “teenage birthrate” in the world at 143 per 1,000women, and he United States has the highest “teen pregnancy rate” in the developed countries at 53 per 1,000 women and also has a high rate of “teenage abortion” (Reid 828). In recent years, teen pregnancy has become a serious problem in American because it has many negative effects for both mother and child, even the whole family and country. First, it intermediately influences the teen mom on both physically and mentally. As Dr Arline Geronimus said, “The teens who choose to have babies are the poorest of the poor.”(Qtd. in Lewin). While the teenage bodies are not yet done growing, it has to ‘’bounce back’’ to deal with pregnancy, which cause “reproductive organs” and other parts of body can be inhibited (How Teenage Pregnancy Affects Development). It is harder for teenage mothers to live in poverty and receive social support than their “counterparts” who do not have children. Pregnancy also leads to low education because they usually drop out of school to take care of their babies or they can’t focus on their study while having a baby (Effect of Teen Pregnancy). It leads them to a dark future without a nice job to earn enough money and take care of their children. In addition, the teen mom usually has a “depressive disorder” because they afraid of everybody around them due to being a young mom, lacking of social support, and worrying about the future (Effect of Teen Pregnancy). The next person who is affected a lot from teen pregnancy is the baby. Teenage mother always lose her weight during the pregnancy because of stress, which leads to low birth weight that can causes many disease for the baby such as bleeding in the brain, weak respiratory , and intestinal problems (Effects of...
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