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Communication in health & social setting

Communication is exchanging of information and ideas from one individual to another. The sender must transmit information to the receiver. Effective communication occurs only when the receiver clearly understands the transmitted information. Only a small part of communication is verbal which is complicated when you are communicating with others as what you are saying will mean perfect sense to you but it may be interpreted to mean something completely different.Good communication is important. It can help someone to understand what another person is saying. It also means that they can express their own needs and concerns.When taking place in communication people often take part in discussions.Some of these discussions may be difficult and emotional. Communication is important and can be positive if handled well. It can also be hurtful, depending on how it is done and the words that are used. It needs to be open and sensitive, as well as appropriate to the situation.In a health & social care setting it is essential to have good communication skills not only to effectively understand others and get things done efficiently, but also you have to build a trusting relationship which will increase client satisfactory and make sure that they are at ease, this is because you might be dealing with vulnerable people, the elderly or people with learning difficulties.A health care setting example for important communication may be between a receptionist and a hospital and a patient.If the receptionist portrays a rude and bad mannered attitude toward the service user, it will not only make the client feel unwelcome, unimportant and many other negative emotions, but it will also give a bad impression about the service as a whole and may make the service user reconsider or hesitate using that same service again.Instead, communicating with a friendly and positive attitude will however make the service user feel more catered to and acknowledged of their needs.Therefore it is important to understand how to communicate effectively with the right purposes.

The main purpose of communication includes conveying information. Of all the purposes of communication, this is the one that can be accomplished through text-based media as well as verbally. Within a health care setting an example of this may be a doctor informing a patient about their health assessments.By doing this they are communicating in a way which gives information required by the opposite person.Communication can be used to ask for help. Asking verbally for help has been shown to trigger natural empathy in the listener more than text-based communication. Often seeing the person asking for help increases the likelihood that a request will be granted. Communication may be be used to develop relationships with others, find out about people and to make our thoughts and feelings known.However it must be understood that communication isn’t always verbal. Its the way you express how you feel. This can include verbal and non verbal communication . Each of these types of communication is used in the health & social care setting.

Verbal communication is one way for people to communicate face-to-face. Some of the key components of verbal communication are sound, words, speaking, and language. Interpersonal communication and public speaking are the two basic types of verbal communication. Whereas public speaking involves one or more people delivering a message to a group, interpersonal communication generally refers to a two-way exchange that involves both talking and listening. A variety of challenges may arise when using verbal communication. Misunderstandings can arise because of poor word choice, different perspectives and bad communication techniques. Language barriers are a major cause of confusion when attempting to communicate verbally.A positve aspect of using verbal communication however is the response period. When communication...
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