Health Management Problem

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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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Select only ONE of the questions below and answer it is essay format. | | |Question 1: | |Background: Quandong Community Health Service (QCHS) provides a comprehensive range of services in the regional area in which it is | |located. Clients/consumers who require counselling services might be referred by health care practitioners or might self refer to the | |Service. QCHS currently operates on a service model that includes clients coming to an initial counselling appointment where the | |rostered intake counselling practitioner assesses the client’s needs and may make a referral to either the general counselling service or| |specialist counselling teams within QCHS. Currently there is a 3 months wait for clients to come for the intake assessment appointment. | |This waiting time has been steadily increasing over the last 12 months. Clients then have a further wait of 4 to 9 months until they are| |able to have their arranged counselling appointment – although clients with urgent problems are seen by Service staff as a priority. | |Financial resources are finite and while QCHS will receive workforce cost CPI (consumer price increase) increases each year, increases in| |staffing positions are not anticipated for QCHS. QCHS needs to make some strategic decisions about client access, models of care | |delivery and its operations. | | | |Question: Discuss the importance of organisational theory (OT) on decisions that Quandong Community...
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