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|Title |Manage marketing operations | |Level |6 |Credits |10 |

|Purpose |This unit standard is for people who have, or seek responsibility for, or provide advice for, | | |coordinating and directing the organisation's marketing activities. | | | | | |People credited with this unit standard are able to: coordinate marketing operations; coordinate | | |marketing, promotional and sales activities; coordinate product, pricing and distribution policies with| | |marketing operations; and establish and foster relationships with stakeholders. |

|Classification |Marketing > Generic Marketing |

|Available grade |Achieved |

Explanatory notes

1This unit standard is a companion to Unit 2930, Develop and coordinate marketing strategies.

2To demonstrate competence in this unit standard a candidate must be able to provide evidence that they have taken responsibility for managing marketing operations. This will include evidence of managing the work of others within the marketing team.

3Performance of outcomes of this unit standard will require adherence to the The New Zealand Marketing Association Codes of Practice, or equivalent codes.

Products encompass goods and services, and ideas.

5Legislation relevant to this unit standard includes but is not limited to: Privacy Act 1993
Major Events Management Act 2007
Consumer Guarantees Act 1993
Fair Trading Act 1986
Commerce Act 1986, Part II.

Outcomes and evidence requirements

Outcome 1

Coordinate marketing operations.

Evidence requirements

1.1Coordination ensures marketing is implemented according to strategic marketing plans.

1.2Resources are allocated to marketing activity according to strategic marketing plans.

1.3Marketing performance is reviewed and reassessed against marketing objectives.

1.4Budgets are monitored for adherence to strategy.

1.5Personnel policies are maintained to contribute to marketing activities and objectives.

Rangemay include but is not limited to – job descriptions, pay and conditions, performance appraisal, professional development.

Outcome 2

Coordinate marketing, promotional and sales activities.

Evidence requirements

2.1Sales programmes are monitored to ensure that selling efforts and sales are directed towards market areas of greatest potential to the organisation.

Rangesales-force organisation, sales territory coverage, personal selling.

2.2Promotional programmes are monitored to ensure marketing communication objectives are achieved.

Rangeadvertising, sales promotions, public relations.

Outcome 3

Coordinate product, pricing and distribution policies with marketing operations.

Evidence requirements

3.1Product mix is monitored for ability to meet profitability objectives.

3.2New and existing product performance are reviewed and corrective actions recommended to correct negative product variances.

3.3Input is provided for product development programmes.

3.4Pricing policies are...
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