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Title |Manage a plan to achieve organisational objectives | | |Level |5 |Credits |10 |

|Purpose |This unit standard is for people who have responsibility for managing the output of a work team. | | | | | |People credited with this unit standard are able to: set, agree, and update objectives for the work | | |team; develop a plan to achieve the objectives; source, allocate, and adjust resources to achieve the | | |objectives; and monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the plan in achieving the objectives. |

|Classification |Business Operations and Development > People Development and Coordination |

|Available grade |Achieved |

Explanatory notes

1This unit standard builds on Unit 15190, Develop, implement, and evaluate work team plans and may lead on to Unit 23913, Implement, monitor, and review a strategic plan.

2Legislation relevant to this unit standard includes but is not limited to: Employment Relations Act 2000, Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, Human Rights Act 1993, Privacy Act 1993, and Resource Management Act 1991. Relevant legislation may also include any specific bylaws, acts, and statutes that may apply to the work activities within the specific organisation. They, along with the organisation’s policies and procedures, determine the framework in which the operations of the organisation are conducted.

Organisation refers to a specific business entity which may be – profit or non-profit; in private, public, or voluntary sectors; a business unit, iwi, or other special-purpose body. Objectives are the clearly defined and documented expectations for a work team’s ongoing operations. Work team is defined as a temporary or on-going group whose members are jointly charged with working together to achieve a clearly defined purpose or outcome.

4People will be assessed against this unit standard on the basis of evidence of demonstrated and repeatable performance in the workplace.

Outcomes and evidence requirements

Outcome 1

Set, agree, and update objectives for the work team.

Evidence requirements

1.1Objectives are developed and agreed in consultation with stakeholders, and are aligned with organisational plans.

Rangeplans may include but are not limited to – operational, business, strategic.

1.2Objectives are clear and are within areas of responsibility.

Rangeobjectives include but are not limited to – measures of performance, actions, time-frames.

1.3Consultation processes are timely and secure quality input and participation from those involved.

1.4Objectives are updated where required to reflect organisational change and changes to individual and/or team areas of responsibility.

Outcome 2

Develop a plan to achieve the objectives.

Rangeplan includes but is not limited to – work methods, milestone outcomes.

Evidence requirements

2.1Plan is developed in consultation with stakeholders, and decision-making authority is established in accordance with organisational requirements.

2.2Plan is clear, concise, and agreed, and includes agreed performance standards for meeting objectives.

2.3Plan is complete, complies with relevant legislation, meets organisational policy and procedures and client needs.

2.4Plan identifies risks that may impact on the achievement of the...
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