Support Individuals to Maintain Personal Hygiene

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Elements of competence

|HSC420.1 |Raise awareness of the value of leisure opportunities and activities for individuals | |HSC420.2 |Negotiate and agree leisure opportunities and activities for individuals |

About this Unit

For this Unit you will need to promote opportunities for individuals to participate in leisure activities.

The scope is here to give you guidance on possible areas to be covered in this Unit. The terms in this section give you a list of options linked with items in the performance criteria. You need to provide evidence for any option related to your work area.

Awareness raising audiences: sports and recreation associations; employers’ associations; local government planners; community self-help groups; governors; trustees; shareholders; the general public.

Communicate using: the individual’s preferred spoken language; the use of signs; symbols; pictures; writing; objects of reference; communication passports; other non verbal forms of communications; human and technological aids to communication.

Leisure activities related to: hobbies; interests; sports (as a spectator or participant); entertainment (e.g. access to the theatre or visiting theatre groups), socialising (e.g. eating out, talking to others about the old days). They may take place within or outside the care environment.

People and organisations who are suitable and able to provide leisure opportunities and activities include: those who organise or provide recreation and leisure activities in the care setting (e.g. care workers, entertainers); those who provide leisure activities for the general public (e.g. theatres, swimming pools, sports centres); those who provide leisure activities for specific groups within the community (e.g. Women’s Institute, youth workers).

Your knowledge and understanding for this Unit will relate to legal requirements and codes of practice applicable to the scope of your work and that of others with whom you work; your role, the level of responsibility you have within your organisation to manage activities to achieve an optimum service; the depth and breadth of understanding that will enable you carry out your job role and support others to perform competently; the need to be able to solve problems and resolve conflicts; the need to be able to evaluate, assess situations and act appropriately; systems and processes within your own and across other organisations and the need for you to be able to work in collaboration with individuals[1]

Values underpinning the whole of the Unit
The values underpinning this Unit have been derived from the key purpose statement[2], the statement of expectations from carers and people receiving services, relevant service standards and codes of practice for health and social care in the four UK countries. If you are working with children and young people they can be found in the principles of Care Unit HSC44. If you are working with adults they can be found in HSC45. To achieve this Unit you must demonstrate that you have applied the principles of care outlined in either Unit HSC44 or HSC45 in your practice and through your knowledge.

Evidence Requirements for the Unit
It is essential that you adhere to the Evidence Requirements for this Unit – please see details overleaf.

|SPECIFIC Evidence Requirements for this unit | |Simulation: | |Simulation is NOT permitted for any part of this unit. | |The following forms of evidence ARE mandatory: | | Direct Observation: Your assessor or an expert witness must observe you in real work...
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