Hamster: Leona Lewis and Good Listener

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My favorite pet is a hamster. His name is Vibrant, and he is only two months old. He is an adorable hamster and with completely white furs over his body. Everyday when i get home, the first thing i will do is play with him.

vibrant is really an adorable and funny pet. I named him Vibrant because he likes to run around the room when i take it out from his cage every time. He is so full of energy just like when i drank a can of redbull. I extremely like to hold him in my hand and rub my face with his furs. He will make some squeak voices to indicate his protest. Then, when i put it back on the floor, he will stare at me with malice radiates from his eyes. "Oh how cute!" I will say, and i will give him some foods as the compensation for him. He will devour the foods immediately. When he bloated his little belly, he will start to run around the room again.

Sometimes i will talk to him as if he is a human. I like to pour my trouble to him because he is a good listener. He can not able to interrupt me or debate with me. Plus, i love to talk a lot, but i am not a good listener as he does. Sometimes, when i talk to him about how good i did that day, he will squeak and lay flat on the floor as if he can understands me and thinks that i am bragging.

Now, Vibrant is 1 year old already. i am so happy for the time that we play together. He is a very good listener and a good company, and I always regard him as my little brother. Vibrant is the most adorable pet which i have never had, and i love him to death.
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