Guidelines for Fourth Semester Mba Dissertation

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The students of MBA programme of Bangalore University are required to carry out Dissertation, in the area of specialization under the supervision of an eligible guide beginning at the end of 3rd semester and submit three hard bound copies and one soft copy of dissertation on or before the time stipulated by the University, which is to be evaluated for 200 marks followed by viva-voce examination for 50 marks.

The aim for dissertation is to give the students an opportunity to learn independently and to identify, define and analyze problems and issues related to Management and integrate knowledge in a business context. It is an important part of the programme that tests students’ ability to understand and apply the theory, the concepts and the tools of analysis to a specific problem situation.

The only precise rule on what constitutes an acceptable dissertation is that it should be an ordered critical exposition, which affords evidence of reasoning power and knowledge of the relevant literature in an approved field falling within the subject matter of Management. The emphasis should be on applied research and the investigation of some practical problem or issue related to the situation in which an organization or system operates.

It must be noted that the dissertation must not be treated as just another assignment. The dissertation provides an opportunity to judge the students’ time and self-management skills and his/her ability to successfully undertake a long and in depth study. Hence it is not only the product that is important, but also the process itself. Students must therefore ensure that they maintain regular contacts with their guide and also that they provide the guide with drafts of their work at regular intervals. Finally, to keep themselves up to date and under control as regards their Dissertation, it is important that the students meet their guide regularly.


The Dissertation is a practical in depth study of a problem, issue, opportunity technique or procedure or some combination of these aspects of business. Typically, Students are required to define an area of investigation, carve out research design, assemble relevant data, analyze the data, draw conclusions and make recommendations. The Dissertation should demonstrate organizational, analytical, and evaluation sills, and where appropriate, an ability to design a suitable implementation and review procedure.


Selection of topic is probably the hardest thing to do. The choice of topic is up to the students with prior approval of guide. However while selecting a topic it is essential that the topics be related to management and of current relevance. It should also be kept in the mind that the topic chosen is agreed to by the organization where the Dissertation is going to be carried out. The initial topic chosen is likely to originate in a vague form and may lack a clear focus. These then needs to be developed into something manageable and practical by consideration of available literature/texts and discussion with your Dissertation guide. What meets requirement is that the study must involve carrying out original research in order to meet the organization’s continual need for new information for forward decision-making.

The main issues may be human, economical, functional, etc. but the construction and/or application of some kind of research instrument are the focus of the study. The analysis of the research findings (e.g. client’s responses to questionnaire about changing product specifications) should take place, resulting in proposals about how to manage relevant aspects of the organization’s future.

A macro study on a topic can be carried out, but care must be taken to ensure that it is a contribution to the existing literature without any duplication.


The students are required to submit a...
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