Interim Project

Topics: The A-Team, Debate, Dilemma Pages: 12 (3778 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Course outline Interim Project BAE05 2010
Teaching Staff: dependent on your theme-group
Contact Person: R. Torner (IBA)
Coordinator: Dr. B.A.S. Koene
Term: fall
Course description and learning objectives
The interim project is a short intensive course that is driven by current events wherein students combine their understanding of the theoretical concepts they’ve been learning in the previous years to issues that are currently at hand in our society and within organizations (such as sustainability, political influences, Europe, flexibility and certainty, diversity and inclusion, regional and global development, corporate governance, etc.)

The course follows the part of the curriculum that introduces you to the various professional disciplines of management studies. It precedes your work on the bachelor thesis. During the interim project, you are challenged to independently explore a societal theme and debate and aim to make a small contribution to the advancement of the debate. Central to this course is the development of professional values and skills necessary for this.

The general themes for the project are set by staff members and can be different each year. The themes reflect contemporary dilemma’s. When faced with a dilemma, one must make a difficult choice between 2 (or more!) alternatives. What makes the choice difficult lies in the fact that choosing one will be disadvantageous to the other. Dilemmas cannot be resolved. General solutions do not exist, but actors need to engage with the issue and constant (re-)negotiation is required.

Rather than solving the problem yourself, your assignment is therefore to to make a well-argued contribution to the ongoing debate that helps the involved actors to engage with the issue and move forward constructively.

During the course students work in teams that are required to operate relatively independently, drawing on their own creativity. An important part of the assignments is students independent professional and creative exploration of the theme with their team, their own creative demarcation and choice of a project within the context of the theme, and their management and organization of the process working to develop this.

At the end of the course, the theme-group will present the outcomes of the work of their teams during a 1,5 hours session in a one-day mini-conference where all theme-groups present their work.

Each student team works to (1) investigate the multiplicity of voices and interests contributing to and depending on the evolution of the theme (2) develop their own contribution to the evolution of the theme.

Learning objectives
This course aims to make students aware of the relevance of various topics in society that will help them to succeed in their careers. The central focus lies on the development of attitudes and acquiring the skills necessary for such development.

After completion of this course, students will realize:
* that many business problems are not objective; there are also many political-philosophical dimensions involved; * that in-depth knowledge and awareness of the facts is vital when developing arguments; * that facts do not speak for themselves, but serve as a basis for a good debate; * that in reality there isn’t always someone who knows the correct answer in the end; * that arguments come in all forms and may vary enormously; * that there is always another side that exists that will pay the penalty for the decisions made; * that compromises can be extremely valuable;

* that a clear argument and standpoint are of great importance. After completion of this course, students will be able to investigate and work with a specific current societal theme in a relatively short amount of time, working and interacting with others. In this process they will have learned to: * organize their team-work effectively in the face of broad and ambiguous tasks that require...
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