Guided Imagery

Topics: Debut albums, Sun, Arecaceae Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Begin by getting as comfortable as possible...close your eyes...take a few deep breathes to get relaxed. For the next couple minutes, just concentrate on your breathing. This is not a time to be worrying about any of the things that are happening in your day-to-day life. This is a time only for you. For this very short period of time, you can completely relax. Take a big breath in . . . And sigh it all the way out. Now, imagine yourself on a tropical island. You can return home any time you wish, but you can stay and enjoy the serenity of the island as long as you care to. You begin your journey by walking on a beautiful stretch of white sand beach. No one else is in sight. The beach is all yours. The sun is warm on your face...a gentle breeze coming off the water feels refreshing. The waves flow rhythmically onto the sand. You hear seagulls calling over the powerful ocean. Their voices sound distant compared to the roar of the surf. The sun is just beating down on your body in a way that can't hurt you under any circumstances... and feel the cool breeze over your body and how comfortable that feels. And hear the ocean lapping on the shore. Listen to what it sounds like. And underneath your feet is the warm sand, just the right temperature. Once you feel rested, you notice a grove of palm trees you have never seen before. You start walking toward you get close, you can hear the large palm leaves rustling in the breeze find a path entering the grove and follow is much cooler and very refreshing to be in the shade of these trees. As you continue, your path leads you into a tall; dense thicket of tropical is impossible to see where the path is leading, but you are curious about what lies ahead and also strangely hopeful about what you will find… After a while, you hear rushing water and see daylight up ahead. You emerge from the thicket and step into a clearing. From a cliff high above, a silver ribbon of waterfall...
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