Red Panda

Topics: Sleep, Sleep deprivation, English-language films Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: May 16, 2013
The sun was intensifying as I ascended following my mother and siblings through the trees looking for the perfect place to rest after a long night of foraging. Finally we came to the perfect place in the lush green branches above the jungle floor. Today was different than anything I had ever done; my mind was sprinting with everything I was trying to soak in. The familiar sound of the birds chirping, the leaves rustling in the wind, and other animals scurrying below me in the mountains of Nepal was soothing. Wrapping my long ringed tail around my body for warmth and snuggling in the leaves for relief I fell asleep.

As a red panda the murmurs of the other animals usually don’t wake me out of a deep slumber, but today something was wrong very wrong. Everything looked so different in the light of day; I was usually asleep by dusk at the latest. Sleepily looking around I noticed my mother and siblings had not been awoke, so why had I? Unexpectedly I felt the air move behind me, in a startled reaction I jumped up as high as I could hitting my furry head on a branch high above. The pain in my head had distracted me from what I had landed in, some unknown sticky substance. Forgetting to balance as trying to separate my petite little fingers I fell helplessly to the jungle floor not missing a branch on the way down.

Waking up on the jungle floor to the stares of every animal close was defiantly an uncomfortable first. Slowly standing up my hands felt strange, I had forgotten about the sticky substance that had gotten me into this mess. Now not only were my fingers stuck together but they had pebbles and leaves stuck to them! How was I going to get back into the tree canopies with my family? I started to panic when I felt a swoosh of air above me; it was a tiny humming bird was this what scared me and made me hit my head? A harmless humming bird? She hovered over me just above my reach. Why was she following me?

Trying to walk with my hands covered in debris...
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