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As we all know
1. Communications is a very important facet of life .The importance of communications has been rightly emphasized in our management theories. Communications could be broadly divided into verbal and non- verbal communications. In the methods of non-verbal communications written communication is the most important.

2. Writing forms a vital link between two or more individuals and / or organization. Whether it is for the romantic young man to pen his thoughts /feelings to his beloved or for a senior officer to warn to an errant subordinate seriously, writing plays a vital role. Writing is putting down on paper organized thoughts which the writer wants the reader to under stand. Apart from the idea conveyed by what is written down, the hand writing of an individual, if analyzed properly, also conveys a lot of information about that individual and his character. This ladies and gentlemen gets me to the topic for my lecture today grapho-analysis or graphology. 3. The science of analyzing a persons handwriting is called graphology or Grapho- Analysis (GA), and it deals with reading of the writing itself to help the reader understand the psychology of the writer without actually meeting him/her.

3. The science of Grapho- Analysis is a vast topic and it would not be possible to do full justice to it in the time allotted. So my talk would be restricted to primarily providing the audience with a broad over view of the subject only .The topic would be covered under the following heads:-

a) What is Handwriting?
b) Definition and History of Grapho-Analysis.
c) Analysis at a glance.
d) Intricate analysis.
e) Conclusion.

What is Handwriting?

4. It is a tool that instantaneously records feelings, mood swings, even physical highs and lows of the writer. Writing records impulses from the brain. These impulses or neuro-chemical patterns from the brain direct all activities like walking, talking, reading and of course listening. Therefore, there is no doubt that the state of mind has an immediate effect on the human body. It is for this reason that the handwriting looks different from time to time, but its basic characteristics remain the same.

5. The fact that the writing reflects the state of human mind and its psychological traits is reflected by an extreme example. A young man had lost control of his limbs in a road accident. With sheer determination, this preponderant to write with his pen being held between his teeth. The handwriting was strikingly similar to that before his accident. Thus handwriting could be referred to as brain writing, an activity which is not only physical, but mental too. Therefore, it can be said to reflect an individual's personality.

Definition and History of Grapho-Analysis

6. Definition. It is a system of analysing the handwriting of an individual with an aim of revealing the character, personality traits and tendencies of the writer. This analysis can actually be done without meeting the writer.

7. History. The history of Graphology dates back to the second century. Roman historian Tranquilles concluded that handwriting of Caeser was not sufficiently separated to read and that indicated a mean history. The deeds of Caeser did prove this point in the days to follow. There is documented evidence of records of Graphology since 1622. However, the actual scientific study of writing was carried out only after 1932, when many theories were published. From 1950 onwards, there has been a wide application of the science of Graphology in various fields, all over the world. Also, its name gradually transformed to Grapho- Analysis.

Analysis at a glance

8. The initial impact of the sample writing gives the analyst a fair amount of information. The analyst should look for the following traits at the first glance:-

a) Handwriting pressure....
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