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Chapter III
The researchers created the system by using Microsoft Excel in order to have Computerized Grading System. The researchers conducted the research thru internet and other feasibility studies in order to gather reliable information base on proposed study. Research Instrument

The questionnaires are the main instrument in gathering data for the study. The surveys that we conducted would help the concern teachers to have a better understanding in grading system using Excel. Data Gathering Tools

The researchers gather data by using questionnaires and conducted a formal interview with the teachers and principal to figure out the effects of manual grading system. The researchers accompanied the study in gathering data by using internet technology and related studies. Design Tools

Microsoft Excel was used by the researchers in order to create the target system.

Construction of Questionnaire
A questionnaire is a series of question asked to individuals to obtain statistically useful information about a given topic. The questionnaire specifically asks the respondents about the significance and how the study or system would benefit Magalang Elementary School. With the help of the gathered surveys, the researchers have conducted the questionnaire to ought to a survey for the customers. These help them conduct the data analysis of their study. Respondents/Participants

In order to view the opinions regarding the teachers and parents satisfaction in Magalang Elementary School, the researchers proposed a set of questionnaires containing surveys questions. The reseachers gathered 100 respondents to get the relevant information on this pertinent topic and to meet the objective of the study. The researchers gathered 52 teachers, 48 parents; the total is 100 respondents. Statistical Treatment of Data

Since it is essential to know the importance of having a computerized grading system of each respondent was considered in relation with the study. Random sampling used to gather information in their study.

Formula: % =X 100

Where in:
F=is the Frequency
N=is the Total Number of Respondent
P=is the Percentage
Percentage of the answers by the respondents used in study to examine the data to the answer of the respondents; the researchers conclude the strength and weakness of the system. The percentage distribution is the division of frequency of variables by the total number of respondents multiplied by 100. Data Analysis

The data gathered from the questionnaires interpreted in the form tables and textual explanation the data analysed with the use of the statistical formula and procedure.

Chapter IV
This chapter presents the output of the study, the corresponding analysis and interpretation of data. The data and information were obtained through survey and informal interview. Research results were presented from the profile to the major objectives of the study. Profile of the Respondent

Table 1.1 Frequency distribution on the age of the respondents. AGE| FREQUENCY| PERCENTAGE|
21 – 25| 1| 1.92%|
26 – 30| 2| 3.85%|
31 – 35| 4| 7.69%|
36 – 40| 11| 21.15%|
41 – 45| 20| 38.46%|
46 – 50| 7| 13.46%|
51 – 55| 2| 3.85%|
55 - 60| 2| 3.85%|
60 - 65| 3| 5.77%|
TOTAL| 52| 100%|
Table 1.1 shows the profile of the respondents of this research in terms of their age. 1 or 92% are in the age of 21 – 25 years old, followed by 2 or 3.85% ages 26 – 30 years old, 4 or 7.69% ages 31- 35 years old, 11 or 21.15% ages 36 – 40 years old, 20 or 38.46% ages 41 – 45 years old, 7 or 13.46% ages 46 – 50 years old, 2 or 3.85% ages 51 – 55 years old , 2 or 3.85% ages 55 – 60 years old and finally 3 or 5.77% belong in the age 60 – 65 years old. GENDER OF THE RESPONDENT (TEACHERS)

Table 1.2 Frequency distribution on the gender of the respondents....
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