Teenagers Not Going to Church

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How many teenagers in my district goes to church and is interested in religion.


The method of investigation I decided to use for my research is a questionnaire. I made the duplicates of the questionnaire to ensure that they could be distributed to every teenager in my district. The questionnaire is a suitable method as it gives the student time to formulate the questions clearly and concisely on paper therefore making them easily understood to whom ever is reading. Another advantage of the questionnaire is that it does not take a long time to be completed.


Copy of questionnaire

Research to find out the number of teenagers who go to church and their interest in religion in Hertford District

Dear         ,
This is a research being carried out in Hertford District to find the number of teenagers who goes to church and their interest in religion. This research is being conducted as an assignment for a social course I am doing. You are required to answer all questions truthfully and clearly. Any information given will be kept with the strictest of confidence.   You are free to answer in whatever way you please.

Yours Sincerely,
Odane Ramsay



  1. Gender Male                   Female

2.   Age group                   13-15                   16-19

  3. Ethnic Group               African               Chinese             Indian

  4. Do you believe in religion?    

    Yes                     No

  5.     How often do you go to church?    
Weekly               Monthly                 Yearly                   Never  

  6. Do you believe in a supreme being
Yes             No  

  7.     What or whom influences you to go to church?
Peers             Parents           self motivation           other members who go to church   8. How do you feel when you are at church?
Happy                   sad......
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