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Topics: Reading, Reading comprehension, Dyslexia Pages: 36 (7410 words) Published: February 21, 2012
An Assessment of Reading Proficiency Level of Grade IV pupils of Paranaque Elementary School-Central

A Thesis Proposal Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Arts, Sciences and Education
Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

Sheila M. Roque
M.A. Ed. (Educ. Admin)


Chapter I – Introduction
Background of the Study----------------------------------------------1
Statement of the Problem ----------------------------------------------3
Significance of the Study----------------------------------------------5
Scope and Limitation----------------------------------------------5 Chapter II – Theoretical Framework
Review of Related Literature----------------------------------------------7
A. Foreign----------------------------------------------7
B. Local----------------------------------------------10
Related Studies----------------------------------------------16
A. Foreign----------------------------------------------16
B. Local----------------------------------------------17
Conceptual Framework----------------------------------------------20
Definition of Terms----------------------------------------------22 Chapter III – Methodology
Research Design-----------------------------------------------24
Research Locale-----------------------------------------------24
Samples and Sampling -----------------------------------------------24
Statistical Analysis------------------------------------------------32



A. Background of the Study
Reading is very essential aspect of the educational curriculum. It has a very significant role in the life of people especially children. It has also a very important place in the elementary education. A sound developmental reading lays the foundation for a balance development of two groups of skills in the process of learning to read: the mechanics of reading that should be carefully and effectively developed while a rich reading vocabulary is the basic for the development of a variety of comprehension skills.

Reading should develop in the reader’s critical thinking because there are times when he must read between the lines for hidden meanings or reach the beauty or humor of a selection. There are times when he does not need to read some words and phrases to search for important ideas or to locate derived information and at other instances he must take time to consider the meaning of every word.

Learning to read is a continuous process that gradually broadens in scope. Reading involves many skills and abilities. Learning to read, therefore means a development of sequential skills and abilities. It is important in later life because persistent learning never ends. It goes beyond the limits of the school. It continually offers the reader a new experiences and delightful adventures, present him with new knowledge and inspires him to reach the heights of achievements and self-improvement. Many skills and abilities needed in later life are started and developed as early as the elementary grades, so effective reading which likes its foundation in the primary grades, should be carefully planned, skillfully guided and thoroughly prepared.


One of the biggest problems encountered by an English teacher is the low reading performance of his/her pupils. Reading involves two main skills, namely recognition and comprehension. Generally, pupils have lower performance in comprehension than in recognition. Everybody agrees that, “there is no reading without comprehension.”

Development of reading ability and increased comprehension skills...
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