Impact of Sleeping Habits on the Academic Peromance

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Chapter 3
This chapter shows the research procedures that were used in the study. These are the following sections: 1. Research Design
2. Respondents of the Study
3. Research Instruments
4. Administration of the Instruments
5. Statistical Treatment of Data

Research Design
This study used the descriptive method of design in order to find out the Impact of Sleeping Habits on the Academic Performance of grade 6 students. This research shows how the sleeping habits may affect the academic performance of grade 6 students.

Respondents of the study
The respondent of this study are limited to the grade 6 students of Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) in order to have a common basis in terms of common school environment, curriculum, and from almost the same socio-economic class.

Research Instrument
The researcher used a questionnaire to gather and collect the necessary information related to the study. The questionnaire has 12 items overall with 2 parts. The first part covers basic information about the respondents. The second part made use of the likerk for all the 12 questions.

Administration of the Instrument
The researchers distributed the questionnaires to the grade 6 students of SISC and were asked to answer the questions. They were told to return the questionnaire after completion for tabulation, interpretation and evaluation.

Statistical Treatment of Data
To determine the sample size, the researcher used the Slovin’s formula as follows := N/1+Ne
n = number of sample
N = population size
e = margin of error at 5% level of significance
The second part of the questionnaire made use of the Likert Scale for all the 12 questions. The options used are : always, often, sometimes, seldom, and never.
The weighted mean was computed for each of the twelve...
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