Google Research Paper

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Text Preview the world’s number one search engine known to the internet was created by Larry Page and Sergey Bin in March1996, which originally started off as a research project for Stanford University’s digital library, but later on to become a world renounce search engine. According to ( 1) the main goal was to develop the enabling technologies for a single, integrated and universal digital library, funded by the National Science Foundation. Larry Page wanted to explore the mathematical properties of the “www” or World Wide Web to understand the link structure as a whole. He then focused on the situation of the web page’s link that is given to the webpage, considering the number and the nature of the backlink to be a valuable source about a certain page. Page then partnered with Sergey Bin and was then supported by the National Science Graduate Fellowship. Mr. Page’s web crawler started exploring the web in March of 1996 that had branched out form Page’s own Stanford’s webpage as a beginning point. Page and Bin created a page rank algorithm after changing the backlink of gathered measure of importance of the webpage. After analyzing “BackRub” (which is the websites nickname) output, which for a given URL considered a list of backlinks ranked by importance, it occurred that the local webpage can become a global research engine. As a year had passed by the webpage had originally been given a name entitled, but then later renamed, which was the domain registration in September 15th, 1997. They then formally established their company Google Inc. September 4th,, 1998, a year later. As Google became more global the establishers tried to avoid any pop-ups as much as possible, but later changed their mind as to them it was a major importance for their company. By the end of the year 1998 Google had an index of 60 million pages an enormous growth. Then later in 1999 the company moved into their own offices at 165 University...
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