Diversity Action Plan

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Google, Inc.
What does it mean to be diverse? Does society paint a clear picture of the true meaning of this word? Most people think diversity has to deal with race, age, gender and religion. Society has put a cap on the true and full meaning of diversity. Having a diverse organization goes deeper than the ethnic make up of the employees. This paper will discuss the diversity action plan for the Google Corporation. This paper will discuss the history of the company and its diversity, the meaning of diversity and an action plan of diversity. What is Google? Can it be found in a dictionary? Google is a web site that many people use every day to search for anything that his or her heart desires. More than one person has probably pondered about the meaning of Google. Well the name is a made up word but comes from a very real word indeed. Its origin comes from the word Googol which is a mathematical term meaning 1 with 100 zeros following it. The company adopted the name because they believe that they were trying to organize information that came endlessly like the number 1 with 100 zeros (Company Overview 2007). The Google Corporation is one of the biggest and most popular search engines on the internet. Larry Page who was 24 and Sergey Brin whom was 23 did not like one another when they first met as college students at Stanford University in 1995. They disagreed with every topic they discussed, except their major, computer science. Larry enjoyed building electronics and he gained some notoriety for building a printer completely out of Lego blocks. In their dorm room when they first met to discuss their plans for creating an internet search engine they came up with a company called backrub. Backrub gave back links to web sites. A year later the idea was doing well and people were using it all round campus. In 1998 they began to buy a terabyte of disks and built the computer housings for Google. Larry’s dorm room became Google’s first data center. Sergey began to set up an office and called on potential business partners who might want to license the idea. Among those people was David Filo the founder of Yahoo. He agreed that they had a solid idea but would not help them until they had it under way. They had to put their education on hold and go in at it alone sine they could not find a partner. First they had to get out of the dorm room and find a suitable office. So they wrote up a business plan and started looking for an investor. While searching for an investor they ran into Andy Bechtolsheim, one of the founders of Sun Microsystems. After giving him a quick demo he walked out leaving Google, Inc. a check for $100,000. This created a dilemma for the guys because technically there was no such thing as Google, Inc. As weeks went by they scrambled to establish a company so they could cash their checks. In September of 1998 Google, Inc. was established the first headquarters was in a garage in Menlo Park, California. They then hired Google’s first employee Craig Silverstein, who now works as the company’s director of technology. As the new company was establish they began to answer 10,000 search inquires a day. They were then listed as the top 100 websites in 1998. By February 1998 the company had then grown to 8 employees and moved out of its garage to a more suitable office. They were starting to answer about 500,000 search inquiries a day. Then on September 1, 1999 Google’s Beta Label came off. Technology companies like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and others all start off with beta labels. This means that they are still undergoing experiments to prove their reliability. This is done by another smaller group of people and does not happen within the company. It took Google three years to shed their label and when they did they used it as a good way to market their company even further to success. The atmosphere at any of Google’s headquarters still has the small office feel. The offices and hallways are painted using funky art...
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