Google Innovation

Topics: Ubiquitous computing, RFID, Radio-frequency identification Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Hi everyone, we are group 9, we have 2 member : 阮水環 and I 阮德政。 Today, we are going to present the topic relate to chapter 6 “mobile commerce and ubiquitous computing”. And the topic is “Hertz goes mobile all the Way”. The contents have 5 parts…

1. We will show you the video History of Hertz.
2. The problems, technical limitation of hertz.
3. Solutions: the first video relating to “super easy and quick rental, Instant return and Additional customer service”. The second video relate to “neverlost onboard, car location, public service and Wi-Fi connection” 4. The results.

We have talked about how Hertz rental car become mobile all the way Now, we will talk more about the information relate to this topic. That is the Mobile commerce (M-commerce or m-business). * The firstly, I want to define “M-Commerce”…

* The secondly, the benefits of M-commerce
We have mentioned about the M-commerce, and next we will talk about Ubiquitous computing and sensory networks. * The first one is the definition of ubiquitous computing * Some smart applications of ubiquitous computing: radio frequency identification (RFID). Sensor network: is the device installed with wireless communications that can detect light, temperature or vibration. Now, we want to summary about what we can learn through our presentation and this chapter… And finally, we have some discuss question to help us more knowing about mobile commerce…: So, we have finished our presentation, if you and teacher have any problems, please asking us. And thank everybody and teacher for listening.
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