Srs for E-Shopping Website

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1 Purpose
1.2 Scope of the Document
1.3 Intended Audience, Reading Suggestions
1.4 Overview
1.5 Business Context
2. General Description
2.1 Product Functions
2.2 Similar System Information
2.3 User Characteristics
2.4 User Problem Statement
2.5 User Objectives
2.6 General Constraints
3. Functional Requirements
4. Interface Requirements
4.1 User Interfaces
4.1.1 GUI
4.2 Hardware Interfaces
4.3 Communication Interfaces
4.4 Software Interfaces
5. Performance Requirements
6. Design Constraints
7. Other non-functional attributes
7.1 Security
7.2 Binary compatibility
7.3 Reliability
7.4 Maintainability
7.5 Portability
7.6 Extensibility
7.7 Reusability
7.8 Application Affinity/Compatibility
7.9 Resource Utilization
7.10 Serviceability
8. Preliminary Object-Oriented Domain Analysis
8.1 Inheritance Relationships
8.2 Class descriptions
9. Preliminary Schedule
10. Preliminary Budget
11. Appendices

1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose of the document
This document is meant to delineate the features of Online Mobile Shopping (OMS), so as to serve as a guide to the developers on one hand and a software validation document for the prospective client on the other.

1.2 Scope of the document
The document includes the analysis and design details and describes about the constraints which governs the system. The requirement elicitation team includes any random customer who wants to buy the product. It also involves system engineers and developers during software development process. The estimated time for completion of website is approximate 2- 3 months. The estimated cost of development is $500.

1.3 Overview
OMS is aimed towards the vendors who want to reach out to the maximum cross-section of customer and common people who can be potential customer. This project envisages bridging the gap between the seller, the retailer and the customer. OMS should be user-friendly, ‘quick to learn’ and reliable software for the above purpose.

2. General Description
2.1 Product Functions
* Only registered users can place an order to buy the products. * The information pertaining to registered customer is stored by the site so that a unique identity can maintained for every customer. * This site allows customers to place order for products provided online of different brands. * This site also registers the companies whose product will be marketed on the website. * Mode of payment will be cash on delivery.

* A bill is generated for every successful order placed.
* Website is well secured against unauthorized access.
* It provides feedback facility to the where the customer can voice their opinion about the site and the products available.

2.2 Similar System Information
The website mainly focuses on only one module of the website which includes marketing of cell phones. This website could further be enhanced to include other electronic items which will act as a larger module. 2.3 User Characteristics

The user should be familiar with Mobile Shopping related terminology like Shopping cart/Checking out/Transaction etc. The user should be familiar with the Internet.

2.4 User Problem Statement
The user was not able to reach to larger group of people due to limitations such as geographical locations, cost limitations and time or lack of awareness of the company and products. This website helps the user to reach out to a larger network of companies and customers for business thus overcoming different barriers.

2.5 User Objectives
The characteristics required by the user include:
* An attractive user interface.
* Easy navigation to different parts of the website
* Security from unauthorized access
* User friendly
The feasible solutions provided are:
* Use of shortcuts to access different processes is provided for users having computer...
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