Goals: Goal and Prestigious Law Firm

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Professor Eve Walden
22 January 2013
Goals Paper
Every person, no matter their race, gender, or language that they speak, have huge goals that they want to accomplish in life. We spend our lives either receiving a college degree or performing on world tours in the pursuit of happiness and success. In the end, it’s not all about the long term goals but the steps to get me there. My long term goals are to travel, graduate with a master’s degree in Business, and make partner at a prestigious law firm.

The ultimate long term goal is to travel to Paris and Antarctica. Paris has always been number one on my bucket list of things to do before I die. Visiting the Penguins in Antarctica is closely behind Paris though. My intermediate personal goal is to get a passport and the expensive tickets that will help me get there. In other words, for my short term personal goal I will be sure to find a job that will help me save the money I need to go on this trip. However, an obstacle could be that when I am doing the process of getting my passport I might be missing papers, or it will take time to get them. The possible solutions are that I go and get all of my paperwork that I might be missing or that I pay the fee that they request in the case it takes too long to receive it.

Without education there’s limited ways to achieve success. My long term goal is receiving my master’s degree in Business is my long term academic goal. Furthermore, my intermediate goal is to graduate from Valencia. Education is really important to me and graduating will also point me in the right direction of working towards my career goals. My short-term academic goal is to finish this semester with A’s in all of my courses. Procrastination could be a huge obstacle that I will definitely have to work on. Planning ahead and maintaining my free time is two possible solutions to this problem.

To make partner at a prestigious law firm is my long term career goal. I’ve...
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