Law and Paralegal

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Career Goals|
My Career Goals as a Paralegal|
My Career Goal is to be a paralegal after I finish my two year degree at Kaplan University in 2014. I am looking forward to learning everything I can about being a paralegal. | |

My Career goal is to become a paralegal. Unlike, most of the students that are taking these courses to become lawyers or to further their education in law, I am satisfied with just getting my associates in Paralegal. Our jobs are just as important as the attorney who goes to the trial. We are the ones who make the first initial contact with the client until after the attorney-client meets, research and investigate the facts of cases to ensure that all is relevant and the information is considered, prepare the work need for the closing, hearings and trials. All of this is what has attracted me to become a paralegal.

First of all, there is no education required to become a paralegal. No certification or degree, only knowledge of the law and court systems. But I think getting your degree will help you get that first step in the door to a new job. We all know that a degree looks better on your resume then one without. It shows that you have started something and have achieved it and are willing to better yourself for your career.

However, I am currently taking Eight Skill of the Effective Legal Studies and Paralegal Professional courses for my first term. These courses have helped me with the skills and tools I will need to better understand how the law works and how to address my everyday situations with my career job. I have learned how to space myself with different task and how not to get in over my head with stuff I know I won’t have time for. I have learned how to remember things I have studied by applying different scenarios such as, finding a place outside to study or playing music in a relaxing atmosphere, or lessoning to the chapters on line while I follow along with the voice. I know more...
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