Goals and Objectives Essay

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  • Published : January 29, 2012
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Methods to Improve Personal and Professional Skills
To Meet Organisational and own Goals

It is the intent of this short essay to explore some methods in which personal and professional skills can be improved so that organisational and personal goals can be met.

By increasing our awareness in our own skills, or perhaps more importantly where we can develop those skills further, then we can identify the relevance of such development, plan courses of action and increase motivation.

Personal Development Reviews (PDRs) are one such method where goals can be set and areas for development identified in a simple manner. An individual can tailor a PDR to their own requirements but it will generally formalise the thought process using the SMART principles; Specific – make the goal as precise as possible. Measureable – how to know the goal has been met. Achievable and Realistic– make the goal something that is possible. Time – how long it’s going to take. One of the more crucial points of a PDR is to review it on a regular basis so that we can manage the goals we’ve set – they may change or new goals come about from reaching previously set ones.

Undertaking questionnaires that relate to learning preferences, personality traits and behavioural mannerisms also help us to identify areas where we might develop ourselves. Once a questionnaire has been taken then time should be given to look at what the results tell us. In conjunction with the PDR we can then begin to identify situations where a particular area for development might be improved – an opportunity for Continued Personal/Professional Development (CPD), be that a specific course, etc.

If an area for development was identified to be listening skills, which would be important for managers during interviews and appraisals, then enrolling onto a short course run by an external agency may improve that person’s skills – thus improving relationships in the workplace, building trust in the management...
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